Balance board is wonderful. We’ve based this build on the Howtoons‘ Rola Bola project from MAKE Volume 08 [viewable here]. The Rola Bola is essentially just 3 pieces of wood, some screws, and a PVC pipe that translate to hours of low-tech fun. Any kid (big or small) you make this balance board for is guaranteed to be stoked. And whether you’re into board sports or not, the Rola Bola essentially just helps you hone in your center of balance, a skill anyone could use.

Project Steps

Get a Pipe

The PVC pipe should be a comfortable height and wider than the deck. We used 12″x6″ schedule 40.

Cut the Board

Make sure your deck is 30-36 inches long, and wider than your footsies.

Mark and cut your board.

Add the Stoppers

Attach stoppers for safety.

Use 1″x1/2″ board. Cut two lengths for your stoppers.

Scrap board can be used to mark the right spot for it.

Use many screws for strength.

Go for it!

Hop on and try it out.

TIP: hold on to something sturdy the first time you use it.