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With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is gearing up to give their loved ones something special. And while humans generally get excited by what’s inside that brightly wrapped, yet disposable cardboard box, our feline comrades have another inclination.

Reddit user Guyon pleased two people* with one project by converting some extra cardboard into a bona fide cat scratcher. This is a super easy upcycling project that’ll save you a trip to the recycling bin and save your furniture from restless kitty claws. All you need is cardboard scraps, screws, a tape measure or ruler, a box cutter, and some catnip.

Guyon didn’t use any catnip himself, but he advises sticking some in between the layers to ensure your cat will actually prefer the scratcher to the rug.

A furry beast, eager to lend a helping paw.
A furry beast appears, eager to lend a helping paw.

Guyon uses regular wood screws, which was the only item he needed to purchase for this project, setting him back a whopping $1.97. You could try using tape or glue as well (although glue will take you longer as you’ll be forced to wait for the glue to dry with each new layer).

wood screws

Project Steps


Start by measuring out your cardboard so that the finished scratcher will have a uniform height. Guyon used a tape measure to mark off his cardboard in 3-inch increments, then used a straightedge to mark the length of the ‘board.



Before he starts cutting, Guyon rolls up the whole piece and gives it some good creases by stamping on it. “This will both make it easier to cut, and make it smoother when you start rolling up the cardboard in a moment,” he explains.



Cut along your lines and you’ll end up with a mountain of strips. Only a fraction are pictured here:



Next, you’re ready to start rolling. Start from the center and roll as tightly as you can.


Secure the piece to itself with a screw.

Don't screw up now.
Don’t screw up now.


Affix the next piece and continue until you’ve reached your desired diameter. Ta-da. Happy scratching!


*Cats are people too, right?

[via Reddit]