If you want to create a kids’ pinball that isn’t a real pinball machine, then this project is for you. There are no bumpers, slingshot, pinball fingers, sound, etc.

Project Steps

Here is an example of a simple pinball game for kids.


1= Nails

2= Elastic or rubber bands

3= Small and medium dowels

4= Big stick

5= Plank


1= Wood glue

2= Felt-tip marker (e.g., for CD/DVD)

3= Pen

4= Hammer

5= Saw

6= Ruler

First, measure the plank’s width with the ruler and mark this length on the big stick.

Saw the big stick to the same length as the width of the plank.

After the stick is cut to length, sand it smooth with sandpaper.

Now put some wood glue on the stick and glue it to the back of the plank at one end.

When the glue has dried, turn the plank over and draw the design of your pinball game on the top. Here is an example.

Hammer in the nails, following your design. Be careful not to hit your fingers!

Mark the dowels for length, cut them and glue them to the plank.

You can create a banister as shown.

Here is a video tutorial for creating this item.

When the glue has dried, you can embellish your design with the felt-tip marker.

Now stretch the rubber bands around the nails to create bumpers and the launcher.

You can add bumpers along the banister with nails and rubber bands as shown.

Now your kids’ pinball is finished!

To play with the kids’ pinball you have two choices:

A geomag ball

An electromag ball

Here is a demo of my kids’ pinball.