Adapted from the original project by Howtoons on Instructables.

Mini marshmallows shot at high speeds can smack hard and even stick. These goggles will keep the fast-flying ’mallows from hitting your eyes and face.

NOTE: These goggles are intended for use with the Marshmallow Shooter to protect you from flying marshmallows. They are by no means intended to replace actual safety goggles in the workshop.

Project Steps

Cut the bottle.

Rip off the bottle’s label, then cut off the top and bottom of the bottle.

Carefully cut down the middle of the bottle, to make it a sheet of plastic.

Make the goggles.

Wrap the sheet around your or someone else’s face, and use a marker to outline and design your mask.

Cut 2 slits in each corner of the mask, and weave each end of the elastic band through the slits, going out of the inner slit to the front side, then back in through the outer slit. Adjust your mask, and it’s ready to wear.


This project first appeared in MAKE's School's Out! summer issue, page 23.