Tiniest cannon works, blasts targets

This surprisingly accurate and destructive mini cannon proves that you don’t need a lot of powder to inflict damage. Looking back on age 10 when I was burning more black powder than Kit Carson, things could have worked out much worse. [via boingboing]

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Weekend Project: Stun Gun Potato Cannon

Launch potato projectiles 200+ yards with this stun-gun triggered, high-powered potato cannon with see-thru action. Thanks go to William Gurstelle for the original article in MAKE, Volume 03. To download The “Nightlighter” Stun Gun Potato Cannon video click here or subscribe in iTunes. Check out the complete “Nightlighter” Stun Gun Potato Cannon article in MAKE, […]

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Jelly bean gun from Hazard Factory

Saturday I went to Artopia in Seattle’s Georgetown area. Lots of cool art everywhere! Divide from Hazard Factory explained his (very loud) jelly bean gun, yet another way to dramatically fling things into the air. Only use this outside! More: Make a Spud Gun Instructions and 3D PDF The SGTC Mega-Launcher Spudgun

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