Reuse Art Exhibit Online

Longtime CRAFT and MAKE contributor Annie Buckley has curated an online art exhibit on the venerable HuffPo. On Seeing is a great collection of emerging and established artists from around the globe, all using ordinary, every day items — Popsicle sticks, paper strips, soccer balls, patrol uniforms, grocery bags, vintage clothing, traffic lights — to […]

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Jumbo Prawns Art Club in SF

The Luggage Store (which incidentally doesn’t sell luggage) in San Francisco is hosting an exhibit called the Jumbo Prawns Art Club, featuring the work of three Bay Area artists: Scatha Allison (Miss Velvet Cream), Jason Dunman, and Julian Prince Dash, from now until February 27th. From these set-up shots, I can tell the show will […]

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Fashioning Felt Exhibit at Cooper-Hewitt in NYC

From now until September 7th, you can catch the Fashioning Felt exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC. From the site: This exhibition will explore the varied new uses of felt—an ancient material, believed to be one of the earliest techniques for making textiles. Made by matting together wool fibers with humidity and […]

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