Emily knits soft, cozy depictions of realistic anatomical subjects. She says: I really like taking objects or concepts that many people (including myself, sometimes) are squeamish about and recreating them out of materials that many of the same people think are cozy and inviting. Shown uppermost is her Bisected Human Head. The brains were knit […]

Circuit bent toy frog

Spotted in the MAKE Forums: Mischka modified this motion-activated greeting toy, making it into a simple sample and loop frog noise machine. There don’t seem to an explanation of how it was done, but it looks like a fun project! More: Flashback: Circuit Bending How-To: Circuit-bending the VL-Tone Circuit bending work station MIDI-controlled circuit bending […]

Wire-wrap floral socket

Wire-wrap floral socket

Lenore shares a clever tip from the vaults of evil mad science – What can you do with old wire-wrap sockets? Turn them into frogs. Flower frogs, that is, which are used for holding flower stems at a particular angle without the support of a vase edge to lean on. Lovely, conservational, charming even – […]