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Flashback: Hand-Printed Patterned Floor

Not a fan of carpeting, I recently took the plunge and pulled up the existing carpet in my cabin. What lay beneath is actually some pretty sweet wood flooring. It’s by no means flawless, but since I adore the rustic cabin look (and I don’t have the budget to redo my floors right now), I instantly thought of a project from the pages of CRAFT Volume 09. Grace Bonney, in her DIY Design column, introduced us to a project by Catherine Weis on how to transform a scuffed wood floor into a work of art using custom, homemade stencils and paint. Needless to say, when I saw the picture above, I was totally floored at the simple, yet styely, results. The project is short and sweet, so I’m sharing it with you in its entirety here.

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Backyard Garden + Recipe: Pasta Primavera with Garden Zucchini and Herbs

Backyard gardens are becoming really popular — and for good reason. It’s green to grow your own food, it’s a great hobby that’s fun for adults and kids, and homegrown produce tastes so yummy! This is a delicious recipe that used my garden’s zucchini, parsley, green onions, and basil.

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Top 5 Home Decor Picks from Grace Bonney, design*sponge

With Home Sweet Home this month, we’ll be talking with the design mavens from our favorite sites to find out what their top 5 home decor picks are. Kicking off the series today is Grace Bonney who is the founder and editor of one of our daily must-read sites, design*sponge. Top 5 Home Decor Picks […]

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