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Subversive Finds with Julie Jackson: Talking with Katherine Shaughnessy + Pattern

atherine Shaughnessy is one of my favorite people on the craft scene. She runs the online shop Wool & Hoop, which is one of the main suppliers online for crewelwork kits and fine supplies. She is also the author of The New Crewel. A few years ago, she came from Chicago to the very small Texas town of Marfa (population 2,000) where she now has ten chickens and two kids, and she recently opened a little craft store on the town square. Katherine is a trained artist with an interesting story and I really wanted her to tell it in her own words.

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Subversive Finds with Julie Jackson: Talking with Mr. X Stitch

Subversive Finds: Talking with Mr. X Stitch By Julie Jackson Jamie Chalmers is making a name for himself in the world of embroidery — and that name is Mr. X Stitch. This 6-foot-tall Brit regularly cross-stitches in public, mostly on the train to London. He’s a newlywed with an urban homestead and nine chickens who […]

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