Printable To-Do Lists

Joy at Creative Mamma offers up this cute set of printable To-Do lists. It may be a little late for Spring cleaning (unless you live at my house), but the shopping and “Things to Do Today” sheets are great for keeping yourself organized.

Floppy notes

Floppy Disk Notepad – More DIY How To Projects Pocket notes are such a better way to remember than depending only on the gray matter software. Maybe you have a box or twelve of old floppy disks. If you can find the ones with software labels like Aldus Pagemaker, or the like, all the better. […]

Arduino Gift Guide!

Arduino Gift Guide!

The Arduino open-source microcontroller platform can be programmed and equipped to perform a nearly endless list of functions. It’s likely the best all-around centerpiece to a modern electronics project. But one of the tasks Arduino is best used for is straight-up fun – the open design means there’s an Arduino board suitable for almost any […]