3 Comics That Teach Kids to Be Makers

Comics are often full of superheroes and fantasy. But who says they can’t also teach us the principal concepts we need to make great stuff?

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This Isn’t a Drawing, This is a Physical Model

You’d be forgiven for doing a double-take, a triple-take, or even insisting that this is a clever ‘shop job, but you’d be mistaken. This is a 1/12-scale version of a power suit model from the Starship Troopers anime series, done by Japanese modeler mumumuno53. To achieve this amazing effect, he relied on using a paper-colored […]

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Growing radish sprouts in old manga

Artist Koshi Kawachi created these comic-book-based planters for an installation at a Japanese department store. [via Pink Tentacle] More: Planter will find the sun for its plants How-to: Cast concrete planters using packing inserts How-To: Tackle Box Planter Urban planter Kickball planter How-To: Bike Handlebar Planter HOW TO – Make an inverted planter HOW TO […]

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