mending month

March Mending Month Recap

We hope you enjoyed Mending Month! We loved bringing you the projects and having a chance to mend our own pieces at the same time. Thank you dear readers for all the feedback, tips, and blog posts that you’ve sent in to us. Check the mending archives for all the posts we covered. Here’s a […]

Week 4 of Mending Month

Here’s a roundup of Mending Month this week: Learn how to mend your broken jewelry with bead queen Susan Beal. Andrea Dunlap likes to crochet patches and shows you how. Diane Gilleland patches a hole beautifully with reverse appliqué. Brookelynn Morris shows you how to repair a wool sweater with needle felting. Rachel mends an […]

Week 3 of Mending Month

Here’s a roundup of this week’s Mending Month posts. Stay tuned! We aren’t even done yet. There’s lots more mending to come next week as well. Susan Beal shows you how to mend a bed sheet. Learn how to mend torn upholstery in Diane Gilleland’s tutorial. Arwen’s Patch 101 goes over the many ways you […]