Postcard from Maker Faire

Chris O’Brien over at Silicon Beat had a great time at Maker Faire. In answering the question “What is Maker Faire?,” he ends up with an optimistic view of how we can use Maker Faire to take back our technology. How do you boil down an event where someone spent 13 years building a life-size […]

Dale Wheat and the tiny kits

Dale Wheat has been messing about with kits, making a tiny collection of AVR based blinky kits. They may be the most inexpensive kits in the Maker Shed, but these kits have lots of features programmed into them. Most of the ones he shows here use programmable chips, so if you don’t like the programs […]

Dan and the puzzle houses

Dan Smithwick is working on developing a system so that people can design houses, buildings and other structures in Sketchup, then have the parts cut on a Shopbot, which can then be put together with a few more tools than a rubber mallet. Dan has been working with MIT Professor Larry Sass. Take a look […]

Kids arriving to Maker Faire

Friday was Education Day at Maker Faire. While makers were busy setting up their booths, and the Maker Shed was being stocked, groups of students came through the Maker Faire site for workshops and to see the whole weekend preparation come together. Teachers, parents, and students all came to see great projects, try their hand […]