Modern Mechanix

Mechanical Pac Man

Toronto’s Jonathan Guberman loves his games. We’ve already seen his typewriter Zork and Game of Life monome. His latest project is nothing less than a mechanical Pac Man game. Still a work in progress, the plaque above seems to be a study of sorts. See Jonathan’s site for his build notes.

Know your bolts

Know your bolts

MAKE contributor James Floyd Kelly wrote in with a tip on a cool resource: Found some GREAT information on Bolt Depot’s homepage, including this printable poster that displays all the different bolts and nuts and connectors along with their official names. Click on the Fastener Tab at the top of the website and there are […]

Crank-powered kinetic sculptures

Seattle artist Casey Curran sent in videos of his kinetic sculptures. Really love those flowers… In this most recent series I’ve combined pheasant pelts and simple mechanical movements with hand crafted wire insects and silk flowers to give each piece a feeling of existing between dissolving and reconstructing itself.