Add eye candy transitions to the Nokia N97

If you own a N97 and think the UI could use a little eye candy, you should check out this detailed tutorial by Vaibhav Sharma. In as little as five minutes you could be up and running with these slick transition effects.

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Android on dual-boot Nokia N95

Munch from Belgrade seems to have shoehorned Google’s Android OS onto a dual-boot Nokia N95. The demo videos are rather grainy, but you can make out Android booting up and Google Maps running fullscreen. Munch vows to release the code for installation October 5th on his blog.

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Nokia N95 accelerometer in Blender 3D

Marco Rapino, a developer working at the Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research at HSE in Helsinki, has developed a prototype controller using the accelerometer in his Nokia N95 smartphone, some Python, and the Blender 3D content creation suite.

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