tech crafts

How-To: LED Embroidery

By Becky Stern I love any activity that promotes creativity and discovery. To me, tinkering with electronics is the same as stitching a picture, and combined they can tell a story that crafters and gearheads both want to hear. This picture of a frog catching fireflies is embellished with lights that bring the bugs to […]

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How-To: Musical Drawdio Puppet

By Angela Sheehan Conductive fabric/thread and a few electronic parts transform this seemingly ordinary plushie into a fun, playable instrument. This octopus jellyfish-inspired puppet lets you make different squeaky sounds using an embedded Drawdio. Hold the puppet by putting one hand in the loop on its belly. Use the other hand to touch conductive spots […]

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Conductive Thread Overview

Syuzi Pakhchyan, author of Fashioning Technology, has a conductive thread overview to help you decide which thread to use for your tech crafts. Syuzi writes: I get a lot of questions regarding which conductive thread I prefer or use. Unfortunately there is no ONE ideal thread — it really depends on what you are trying […]

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