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CRAFT Holiday Gift Guide 2009 : Sewing & Wardrobe Refresh

I’m an avid sewer and I always have my sewing machine on craft table so that it’s always on hand for a project or quick fix. Plus, just the sight of my sewing machine makes me happy. I’ve collected here some of the best products and projects you can make for holiday gifts, stocking stuffers, […]

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Crazy Quilt Ping Pong Ball Necklace

Crazy Quilt Ping Pong Ball Necklace By Jennifer Perkins I have always had a soft spot for crazy quilts, rainbows, and the wardrobe of Punky Brewster. That being the case, I often find myself making larger-than-life jewelry with a hodgepodge effect. The Crazy Quilt Ping Pong Ball Necklace is no exception. Swimming in a fashion […]

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Papier-Mâché Floral Brooches

Papier-Mâché Floral Brooches By Cathy Callahan I just absolutely adore Michelle Obama’s sense of style — I check out the Mrs. O blog all the time. I love that she supports young and lesser-known American designers. I also really love that she’s not afraid to wear big accessories, especially when it comes to jewelry. Most […]

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