MAKE 35: Danger!


Introducing MAKE Volume 35: the Danger issue! Meet makers who like to play with fire in a variety of ways. If you want to turn up the heat yourself, learn how to make a fire tornado using an old turntable or build your own Six-Pack Tesla Coil. With 23 fantastic DIY projects, find the perfect project for you from building a better projection screen for your living room to remaking a childhood classic with the EZ-Make Oven. So light off some homemade sugar rockets, and celebrate making with an edge!

Table of Contents



Security is a superstition.Page 08

Reader Input

A maker’s life, nano voltages, MonoBox noise, and tremolo power.Page 10

Made on Earth

The world of backyard technology.Page 20


Stupid Fun Club

A Berkeley, Calif., company is shaping the future of toy bots.Page 26

Maker Ink

Seven makers who etched their DIY pride permanently. Page 34

Playing With Fire

Serpent Twins

Jon Sarriugarte tells about the making of their 50-foot kinetic mobile sculptures.Page 38

Fire Makers

Projects from makers who can stand the heat.Page 44

Fire Tornado

Re-create a terrifying force of nature.Page 46

The Six-Pack Tesla Coil

Build a classic spark-gap coil that can throw 15" arcs without pricey commercial caps.Page 48

Homemade Sugar Rocket

Cook up a solid-fuel rocket engine and let it fly.Page 70

Dry Ice Cannon

Unleash carbon dioxide gas to launch T-shirts and other projectiles.Page 76


EZ-Make Oven

A crafty oven in a paint can.Page 88

Lego Phonograph

Combine WeDo, Lego, and Scratch to awesome effect.Page 108


Build a universal TV sleep timer.Page 116

My Franken-Keepon

Hack your My Keepon toy into a low-cost animatronic puppet.Page 124

1+2+3: EL Tape LightUp Hoodie

Page 129

Remaking History

Ctesibius and the whimsical Tantalus Cup.Page 134


My electro-chemical Kid Sub.Page 137

DIY Baseball Tees

Build a pair of adjustable, durable batting tees for half the price of store-bought.Page 138

Making Pigments

Use household materials and simple electrolysis to make metal oxide powders for tinting paints.Page 140

Electronics: Fun & Fundamentals

Make your own chrono photonic lamp switcher.Page 144


A thermoelectric camp stove, soldering tweezers, and an emergency mobile phone.Page 148

New Maker Tech

The latest tools in 3D printing, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.Page 156

Toy Inventor's Notebook

Make custom cookie cutters.Page 160