Make: Volume 75 — Bigger, Cheaper, Weirder, Funner

Digital fabrication is a cornerstone of the maker community, and in Make: Volume 75 (our diamond issue!), we take a fun look at the state of digifab today. In our cover story, we break out of the cartesian box with a look at Nick Seward’s weird and wild 3D printer designs, from undulating arms to roving printers. Next, dive into the latest desktop mills, routers and 3D printers with reviews of machines from Bantam Tools, Prusa Research, and more. Plus, get tips for recycling your old prints, adding supports for resin prints, printing in clay, and more.

Plus, over 16 projects and skill builders, including:

  • Fit real AI onto microcontroller with TinyML and Arduino
  • Build a super efficient rocket stove out of tin cans for your next camping trip.
  • Beam streaming services to your TV using a Raspberry Pi 4
  • Create an adorable light-up felted mushroom garden
  • And much more!

On the Cover: Nick Seward’s one-of-a-kind 3D printer “GUS Simpson”.

Table of Contents



Maker skills are job skills, and now is a great time to learn something new.Page 06

Made on Earth

Backyard builds from around the globe.Page 08


OSHW Turns 10

Lessons learned over a decade of open source hardware endeavors. Page 14

Fab Future

Outside the Box

Nick Seward’s menagerie of experimental 3D printers work unlike anything else. Page 28

The Newness

Digital fabrication machines just keep getting better. Here are some of the freshest ones that we like. Page 32

Ones to Watch

We’ve heard rumors, seen demos, and even played with pre-release models. Here are some upcoming tools we’re excited for. Page 36

Resin 3D Print Supports

Create support structures for your SLA, DLP, or LCD resin prints — the right way. Page 40

Recycle Your Rejects

Shred those failed 3D prints and re-extrude the plastic to save waste and money. Page 46

Perfecting Porcelain Prints

Clay-based printers can make much more than vases and pottery. Here’s how to get started. Page 52


Kodi Smart TV Streamer

Had it with cable? Turn a Raspberry Pi into a media streamer for movies, music, Netflix, and Prime Video.Page 56


Track your beehive’s health with this deep-learning, long-range wireless, end-to-end solution. Page 64

Tin Can Rocket Stove

Get cooking with this ultra-efficient woodstove made from scrap.Page 68

E-Felted Fantastical Mushroom

Practice “slow making” and mindfulness while needle-felting, then sew on an LED for a magic glow. Page 82

Smart Stop Signal

Use an Arduino and LED strip lights to dock your land-yacht with precision. Page 96

Hot Metal

How I solved my need for a blacksmithing forge by building my own.Page 98

Cutting Edge Contributions

Makers everywhere are sharing great builds here — post yours too! Page 102

Meta Tips for Makers

Sometimes your frame of mind is just as important as the tools you use. Page 104

Toy Inventor’s Notebook: Victorian Toys and Flatland Rockets

Propel a simple toy boat with a bit of soap and the water’s surface tension. Page 105

Skill Builder

Hand-Cut Paint Masking

Create a multi-layer, positive paint mask for artwork, without a CNC vinyl cutter.Page 106

Virtual Sawdust

Traditional woodworkers can benefit from designing in CAD. Here’s how.Page 118



Gear up with the latest tools and kits for makers.Page 122

Over the Top

Mad Mask

If you don’t cover your nose and mouth, Allen Pan will gladly do it for you. Page 128