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Vinyl Digitizer

You’ve probably stumbled across amazing old vinyl LPs at a friend’s house, yard sale, or record store, but reluctantly passed them up, because in our mobile digital wireless world, vinyl records are about as convenient as a telephone attached to the wall. Next time don’t pass them up, snap them... Read more »


Build this simple rolling Mini Tank to learn how to combine Arduino microcontrollers with Lego Mindstorms robotics. Read more »

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Think of the best pairing you know, be it chocolate and peanut butter, rainy days and good books, or the purr of an engine and the open road.┬áThen, imagine pairing one of the best toys of your childhood, Legos, and the hobbyist toy of your adulthood, the Arduino microcontroller.┬áCombined, these... Read more »

Another complete run!

The Mindstorms robot is much like the teams: both start as a pile of parts, but as time goes on, the robot comes together and becomes a thing that can face the challenges it encounters. Read more »

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What if there were a loose body of makers, with some recognizable name and "seal of non-disapproval," who take it upon themselves to vet all of the new hardware offerings posted to crowdfunding sites? Read more »

Dale with some of the organizers from Maker Faire Shenzhen

I found China open and friendly, intense and tireless, broad and expansive, informal and optimistic. Read more »