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If you’re not satisfied with the lightweight digital speedometer that you can buy at your local bike shop, why not build your own bicycle dashboard using various electrical components and wood? DJ decided to do just that, and gives instructions with an electrical schematic, parts list, and Arduino sketch, in... Read more »

Maker Madness card_Back_FINAL

If you live in the San Francisco area, you are already aware of who Kron4 is. They’ll be airing an hour-long special about Maker Faire at 9pm tomorrow, Friday, August 22. If you were at the Bay Area Maker Faire, you may have seen them interviewing people and walking around... Read more »

The MicroView Blink  sketch running on our fixed board

The response by GeekAmmo and Sparkfun to the MicroView problem has been amazing, but you can fix your broken one fairly simply if you're prepared to crack the case. Read more »


Too big for your old Big Wheel? Get back in the race by building an adult-sized trike from plywood. Read more »

3D-printed prostheses by e-NABLE

The We Make Health Fest took place on Saturday 8/16. The fest was hosted by the University of Michigan and encouraged creation of technology that could change how we stay healthy. Speakers from the community presented on many exciting topics and below you’ll find some of the exciting ideas that... Read more »


Maker designed his own bubble machine to keep his kids entertained using some makeshift materials and a little bit of ingenuity. While it’s great for children, it’s also great for parties and the occasional concert. Drenehtsral’s Makeshift Bubble Machine. Read more »

repkid’s Fractal Lamp features 3D printed Koch vases with an IKEA dioder for illumination

The Fractal Lamp was designed using an IKEA dioder lamp with customized 3D printed and laser-cut parts. A customized control box adjusts the desired color of lamp, giving it a unique look. Read more »


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