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Maker designed his own bubble machine to keep his kids entertained using some makeshift materials and a little bit of ingenuity. While it’s great for children, it’s also great for parties and the occasional concert. Drenehtsral’s Makeshift Bubble Machine. Read more »

repkid’s Fractal Lamp features 3D printed Koch vases with an IKEA dioder for illumination

The Fractal Lamp was designed using an IKEA dioder lamp with customized 3D printed and laser-cut parts. A customized control box adjusts the desired color of lamp, giving it a unique look. Read more »

Credit: Harvard SEAS

If you’ve ever made your own Bristlebot, you can appreciate how pared down and elegant is the category of artificial life know as vibrating robots, or vibrobots. Well, it turns out that when it comes to vibrobots, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In 2011, researchers... Read more »

Zola’s New Pong v2.0 uses a MAX7219 and potentiometer to control the ‘matrix’

Eduardo Zola’s New Pong v2.0 offers up retro gaming goodness using a pair of 8 X 8 LED matrix boards. A MAX7219 and Arduino MEGA 2560 microcontroller provide the muscle to get the game off and running. Read more »

Willem’s Audio Book Reader with finished enclosure complete with power button and headphone jack

Willem van der Jagt designed an Audio Book Reader using the Raspberry Pi for his grandfather who is losing his sight. It features an RFID card to scan the DVD boxes that correspond to the eBook when placed on top of the device. Read more »

Gauges on the MicroView

If you're having problems with your MicroView, you aren't alone, as it appears that close to 2,000 boards may have been sent out without bootloaders. We talk to Marcus Schappi about the problem. Read more »

Retro RC Racer opener

Using scrap sheet metal and pop rivets, you can construct a model 1930s British Midget racer that combines vintage “tether car” styling with modern R/C capabilities. Read more »


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