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I caught up with Maaroof Fakhri—one of the organisers' of today mini Maker Faire and asked him what you should see if you're coming to the faire. Read more »


Dale Wood—a maker from Zimbabwe that now lives here in Scotland—has built a life-sized replica of Disney's WALL-E robot and it's on display at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire. Read more »

The Darwin Toolbox

I talked to Philip Boeing from UCL about the Darwin Toolbox—an affordable biotechnology laboratory in a compact toolbox-size container that should allow you to get started doing real DIY genetics at home. Read more »

Edinburgh MakerFaire

Back for a second year the Edinburgh mini-Maker Faire is bigger and brighter than ever, and I'll be reporting live from the faire all day here at the Summerhall in Edinburgh. Read more »


Spectacular display from kiddie pools, open source software, low-cost parts. Read more »

Photo: AerScreen

Laminar-flow mist curtain serves as ethereal, interactive projection surface. Read more »


Alaska-based young makers Nathan Schatz, 13, and his little brother, 10, wrote in to share their fun adventures with our Raspberry Pirate Radio project. Read more »