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Scanning with the iSense

Guest blogger Roxanne Rives looks at Comic-Con's 3D printing. Read more »


Brian McNamara creates musical instruments. Generally he focuses on electronic instruments that make it easy and fun for pretty much anyone to play. The Automaphone is a fantastic example of that concept. Feed this simple and elegant looking hunk of wood any picture and it will convert it to sound.... Read more »


If two companies, one developing software and the other designing physical objects, were to set up a room at Maker Faire, what do you think it would look like? Would you envision a display of all the products their companies have produced. Or would you envision a setup involving a... Read more »

A previous version of the D-shape printer

With all the recent attention being shown to the 3D printed castle, it was brought to our attention that there is another very impressive contender in the 3D printed structures area. This isn’t a 3D printed club house, not just a 3D printed building, but rather an entire 3D printed... Read more »


This is a series that will document Nomiku’s journey into lean manufacturing in America through the conversations of the founding team: Lisa, Abe, and Bam. We will update the series as our adventure in building our high-tech device that lets people cook with the cloud continues. As we enter uncharted... Read more »


[Slideshow] Before the rain, before the gates opened, 10,000+ makers were already in residence on the Black Rock desert, building big art together. Read more »


This is a Raspberry Pi that I mounted on to a regular cutting board to achieve the following multi-functional requirements: Have its own Keyboard-Mouse-Monitor UI inputs Keep all the cables and wires off my desk and can either be used as a desktop or be wall mounted Run uninterrupted  and... Read more »


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