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SNU’s Origami Wheel Robot features wheels based on the ‘Magic Ball’ pattern of origami.

The Japanese art of paper folding is a difficult one to master, involving taking a 2D sheet of paper and transforming it into 3D shapes. For most of us, three folds are the maximum number we normally handle ─ usually only done when we have to send a letter in... Read more »


Home of the three-time Power Racing Series champions, Sector67 is a well-organized hackerspace near the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. Read more »

Digital pin 3 connected to GND on the Bean.

We looked at Punch Through Design's Light Blue Bean before, but now the hardware is shipping. Get yours from the Maker Shed. Read more »


Building hardware is exciting because you get to interact with the "real world". In this project you will use the LightBlue Bean to receive notifications from Facebook and Twitter Read more »

In the plastic flesh.

What’s in a pencil, they all work alike right? Wrong, especially when it comes to the mechanical variety. Then wood pencils start to look like an archeological find. Avid maker ‘Angry Monk’ took on the challenge of redesigning the mechanical pencil using a Stratasys Objet Eden 500V 3D printer.  ... Read more »

2014 Nashville Mini Maker Faire Banner

The Nashville Mini Maker Faire is coming up on September 13 and they want you to be there! Read more »


Just like Rocky, this dot matrix printer is certainly is a survivor as it belts out a stirring rendition of "Eye of the Tiger." Read more »