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Andrew Salomone

Artist, writer, and teacher who makes work about popular culture, technology, and traditional craft processes.

Latest from Andrew Salomone


In anticipation of the upcoming Yoshi's Wooly World game, cosplayer, crafter, and techie SmallRiniLady spent 35 hours crocheting this adorable Yoshi costume! Read more »


Downton Abbey is full of characters, but it's the building itself that steals the show as this incredible halloween costume made by Rod Cockerham of Cockeyed. Read more »


Finally you can have Twix candy bars in quantities of more than 2 with this tasty recipe from Jestei on FOOD52. Read more »


Make yourself some pleasant lighting to get through the night with this handy water candles tutorial from Instructables member Von Malegowski. Read more »


Nothing signifies a rousing shindig like the distinct sound of splattering vomit, especially when it's a Halloween party based on the infamous horror film The Exorcist! Read more »


When Amy Lynn of Geek Crafts acquired some old garden gnomes, she saw a golden opportunity to turn them into a fantastic pair of silver-clad KISS garden gnomes! Read more »


Artist Jenine Shereos made thread look surprisingly like spider webs in a site-specific installation called "De/constructed Lace." Read more »


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