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Bertier Luyt's life was transformed when he discovered the Maker Movement. Now he runs leFabShop and organizes Maker Faire Paris. Read more »


The Lombric project was born from an ecological concern. People are producing more and more trash, especially in Urban settlements. Organic cooking wastes are often thrown into the trash in urban settlements, whereas rural people collect them and process them into compost. This box is aiming to do the same but in... Read more »


In a short interview, Greg Jackson from the ICRI (Intel Collaborative Research Institute) introduced us to “Pigeon sim”, an open-source software that is using the motion sensing technology of Kinect®. The software also works with the Leap Motion device (smaller Kinect) and Google earth enhanced with real-time data. Pigeon Sim is a... Read more »


  In a very quick but interesting interview, Joey confessed to us some facts behind his first invention and exciting news about his upcoming projects. Joey the youngest Intel employee told us that out of boredom, he first designed an air-canon with a ball-pen. He was coming back from school, when he thought  “why... Read more »


A technological shift is happening. More and more connected objects are being produced. Along with this raise in production, these objects are also getting more diversified and complex. We are at the birth of an Internet of Everything era. The number of connected objects is so high that it outnumbers by far the users... Read more »


  That’s not the name of a new tomato sauce. SketchUp is the MS Word-like editor of the 3D world. Modeling a fully customized lamp without special skills, in less than 5 minutes ? This is possible, thanks to SketchUp. Denis and is team from Adebeo, demonstrated how they do it... Read more »