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By Lish Dorset Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to try quilting but thought it would be too hard. (Okay, I can’t really can’t see you on the internet, but I’ll bet there are some of you raising your hand.) I felt the very same way not too long... Read more »

By Alice Merlino This romantic little scarf is the perfect accessory to tuck around your neck and keep the chill off while you wait for spring to arrive. Made with cuddly soft cotton-blend yarn, it’s comfortable enough to wear all day. And if you are not one for squish sentimentality,... Read more »

Chiiiiing at Interglactic! Galactic! Glactic! used to have the same thread organizing system as I do: a basket full of toppled-over spools, many of which are buried and obscured at the bottom of the heap. And then she came up with this simple spool holder that requires only 4 ingredients:... Read more »

This is the prettiest duct tape project I’ve seen. Jason Smith offers us a video on how to make these red roses on Instructables. All you need is duct tape, Sharpies, wire, and a pair of scissors. Red is perfect for next week, but I’m going to try this in... Read more »

By Danielle Thompson I really love the look of vintage needlepoint (especially needlepoint handbags!) from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and wanted to try my hand at needlepoint myself. So I grabbed some plastic canvas from the craft store, got to stitching, and soon realized: needlepoint is pretty easy! Even... Read more »

Here’s a festive dessert for anyone having a Valentine’s party. Beth at Hungry Happenings shares her recipe for these flirty looking cakes made to look like over-sized Sweethearts candy. A definite conversation piece! Read more »

By Claire Joyce-Johnson I can’t deny it. I have babies on the mind. My first child, Ramona, was born on January 9, and the past several months have been a flurry of preparations. Two of my good friends threw me a wonderful baby shower and managed to organize such an... Read more »