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Amateur scientists are shaking up mainstream science. Read more »

Ed Ricketts dissecting a shark in his lab, 1945 Photo by Peter Stackpole SU Archive #158. (Yes, most amazingly, this photo was taken by Eric Stackpole's grandfather.)

The tools for citizen science and exploration are getting good. As they continue to empower amateurs, who makes the rules on what can be done? Read more »

Microscope 2

In what ways can citizen explorers be useful for science? The tools are getting better, but the methods and techniques aren't as clear. Read more »


It's always been the rule benders and breakers who push the boundaries of possibility. And the current surge of amateurism is particularly exciting. It's moving from an amateur tradition to a full-on amateur revolution. Read more »

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In true maker fashion, a group of DIY explorers begin their expedition to the Sea of Cortez. Adventure, insight and potential disaster await them. Read more »

Historically, science and exploration was the domain of amateurs. (Images: Royal Ontario Museum/Flickr)

Makers are moving out of the garage and into the physical and natural worlds. Who makes the rules in this new world? Read more »


As much as the headlines like to focus on 3D printing, robots, and new manufacturing companies, there's actually a more important trend happening in the maker movement: accessibility. Even (and especially) if you don't consider yourself a maker or tinkerer. Read more »