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David Lang

David Lang

Co-Founder of OpenROV, a community of DIY ocean explorers and makers of low-cost underwater robots. Author of Zero to Maker. And on Twitter!

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It's always been the rule benders and breakers who push the boundaries of possibility. And the current surge of amateurism is particularly exciting. It's moving from an amateur tradition to a full-on amateur revolution. Read more »

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In true maker fashion, a group of DIY explorers begin their expedition to the Sea of Cortez. Adventure, insight and potential disaster await them. Read more »

Historically, science and exploration was the domain of amateurs. (Images: Royal Ontario Museum/Flickr)

Makers are moving out of the garage and into the physical and natural worlds. Who makes the rules in this new world? Read more »


As much as the headlines like to focus on 3D printing, robots, and new manufacturing companies, there's actually a more important trend happening in the maker movement: accessibility. Even (and especially) if you don't consider yourself a maker or tinkerer. Read more »


OpenROV secures $1.3 million in VC funding and announces a new version of its underwater robot. Read more »


The AFRON Ultra Affordable Robotics Challenge is underway. What could you make for less than $10? Read more »


Crowdfunding has become such an integral part of the maker experience that sometimes we forget how young of an idea crowdfunding reallly is (Kickstarter launched in 2009). Clearly, it's a very powerful tool. One where the actual culture and norms of crowdfunding are still being defined. I was reminded of... Read more »