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Fashion + Technology Diana was a contestant on Project Runway season 2, graduated from RISD, and currently lives in New York City.

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November 5, 2011 is the 66th anniversary of the first FM transmission in 1935 from Yonkers, NY, by Carmen "Randy" Runyon W2XAG. On Saturday, a network of Tesla special event ham radio stations will be on the air helping to raise awareness of the effort to purchase the Wardencyffe laboratory... Read more »

As a fashion designer and ham radio operator, I come from a variety of backgrounds. This gift guide includes some trusty favorites, some of my most inspirational resources, and the new products that I am most excited about. Party Flavors: Gingerbread Martini Jelly Shots, You, Price: Made with love Part... Read more »

Tune in to space with a homemade yagi antenna. Read more »

Tune in to heavenly sounds with amateur radio. Read more »

Maybe when I own my own home (dreaming!) I'll finally get to wallpaper a wall. Until then, I sooth myself by collecting images of other people's amazing spaces, all decked out in sensational patterns. But it's good to dream. And when I make that first purchase in yardage, I'll know... Read more »

I love seeing how logos evolve over time, especially when they're as iconic and illustrative as the Morton's Umbrella Girl. On par with the bare-cheeked Coppertone girl (1953), this little lassie has been a favorite for Halloween costumes, tattoos, and craft projects for decades. Read more »

When people think of ham radio, they usually think of high-frequency (HF) home radio stations. These are the stations that send messages directly to another radio station somewhere else in the world. We’ve talked about a lot of other types of amateur radio stations on MAKE: handheld radio VHF stations... Read more »


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