Parker Thomas

Parker Thomas

Parker leads the team that keeps and running. He used to build two-seat, 200 mph airplanes and now focuses on treehouses, zip lines, Lego dioramas (Hogwarts and Tattooine), pens and anything else his kids want to build. He can be reached at [email protected]

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Sarah Hoddsdon picture

Sarah Hodsdon is teaching our new Training Camp: Making for Moms.  When she isn’t making Supermoms, Sarah is an internationally recognized Mixed Media Artist, award winning Designer, Inventor, Media Personality, Author and Instructor.  Sarah has had the honor of being awarded Craft and Hobby Association’s Best in Show for License... Read more »

Don Wilcher picture

Don Wilcher is teaching our Introduction to Raspberry Pi Training Camp. Don is an Electrical Engineer, Author, Educator, and Entrepreneur. He’s worked in Automotive, Industrial, and Consumer Industries as Product Engineer, Electronic Systems Designer, and Engineering Manager. Read more »

Kacie Hultgren - Pretty Small Things - Photographed in her Queens NY Studio

Kacie Hultgren is teaching our Design for Desktop 3-D Printing Training Camp. In the 3-D printing universe, she is better known as PrettySmallThings. Kacie is a scenic designer in the theatre industry, and was recently profiled in Stage Directions and Wired for her work using her 3D Printer to create... Read more »

Andy Dawes

Andrew Dawes is teaching our new Training Camp: Introduction to Arduino. By day, Andy is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Pacific University, where he leads a group of undergraduate research students in several fields of physics: atom cooling and trapping, pattern-forming nonlinear optics, slow- and fast-light, and the application... Read more »


Today, we offer you a new way of learning: Maker Training Camps. Training Camps are collaborative online courses specifically designed to make it easier to learn a new skill or build a specific project. Camps use Google hangouts and communities to make it easy to work with other students and... Read more »