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This is the seventh in a series of posts reporting on the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge fact-finding mission to South Africa. The passing of Nelson Mandela weighs heavily on us and we thought it fitting to highlight his lifelong commitment to wildlife conservation. Read more »


This is the sixth in a series of posts reporting on the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge fact-finding mission to South Africa. CHALLENGE UPDATE: Over 80 teams from 20 countries and 6 continents have signed up to compete. Blogger’s note: I cropped and edited these pictures. They appear as intended. SKUKUZA, SOUTH AFRICA — We’re... Read more »


South African National Defense Forces fly UAVs at Mozambique Border to combat rhino poaching. Read more »


The UAV Challenge team and the Aurora team are traveling with the South African National Defense Forces (SANDF) to the Mozambique border. On that 2 hour drive to the forward camp I had the chance to speak with a Colonel and Lieutenant about counter poaching and border patrol. Read more »


Our fact finding mission and demo of Aurora Flight Sciences' small UAV turned operational. After officials saw the potential for a tactically deployed UAV, we were quickly embedded with rangers to support live counter poaching missions. Read more »

All eyes are on Skate.

We're in the operations command center for a briefing from SANParks officials. The scene is hectic. Mission area senior staff officer, Otch Otto, is directing resources and taking calls from the field. The news is sobering. Two poachers had been intercepted and shot by rangers. The rest is bad news.... Read more »


Can the makers, students, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs of the world build a drone that could aid the fight against rhino poaching in South Africa? Read more »