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Latest from kaden

So I catch the innertubes over to OhGizmo this morning and happen upon news of one of those forehead poundingly obvious products that someone should have brought to market decades earlier., Too wit: Self Adhesive Wrapping Paper Well, duh. Take wrapping paper, coat the back with Post-It strength contact adhesive,... Read more »

We’re prepping for the official change of seasons here at Eccentric Manors.  Personally, Spring has always been the most Makerly of seasons… In a perfect world (or a parallel universe), the other ones are called ‘Gear’, ‘Lever’, and ‘Cam’, but that’s a different discussion. Anyway, as always, in Spring, a... Read more »

I’m absolutely convinced that if you spend enough time in scrapyards you will eventually see everything. You won’t recognize most of it, and the stuff that you do recognize will more often than not have originated in a slightly surreal parallel universe and have some completely unexpected characteristics attached an... Read more »

You couldn’t ask for a better poster boy for Eccentric Cubicle than my bud in Utah, Joel Dubliner. He’s working his way through the nano projects in preparation for digging in to one of the larger builds, and has already earned his Maker wings with a quick and dirty mod... Read more »


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