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Michelle "Binka" Hlubinka

Michelle "Binka" Hlubinka

Michelle, or Binka, is the Director of Custom Programs for Maker Media, overseeing publications, outreach, and programming for kids, families, and schools. Before joining Maker Media in 2007, she worked at the Exploratorium, in Mitchel Resnick’s Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, and as a curriculum designer for various publishers and educational researchers. When she’s not supporting future makers, including her two young sons, Binka does some making of her own, most often as a visual artist.

Latest from Michelle "Binka" Hlubinka

Jim Parkyn from Aardman Animations shows us how to make Shaun the Sheep using clay and toothpicks (which the British call “cocktail sticks”.) This step-by-step live Hangout on Air was part of Maker Camp 2014.   Read more »


[Note: Portions of this project are excerpted from the article "Auditory Illusions" in Make: volume 31, by Michael Mauser, a retired engineer and science teacher. ] Perhaps you’ve heard of optical illusions, but did you know you could create auditory illusions? Explore your sense of hearing by creating weird sound tricks and effects.... Read more »


One of the secrets for creating an immersive world in a film is to create a realistic soundscape to support the imagery. In this project, we explore one aspect of sound design: composing a scavenged soundtrack by sampling the world around you. From Zack Stern’s article “Action Movie Effects” in Make: Volume 09: Good... Read more »

Sometimes you need a little help, and a robot can be the perfect buddy to join in and save the day. A DusterBot will hunt down the dust bunnies under your bed. It’ll buzz around helping you scrub your floors or desk. You can’t control where a DusterBot goes or... Read more »


It’s been a busy first three weeks of Maker Camp. Thousands of kids worldwide have been dipping their toes into making. Our more advanced supercampers have been taking on bigger challenges and even holding their own gatherings around the virtual campfire with hangouts after our official hangouts. (We’re looking at you, Supercamper Ashley... Read more »


building a mission control play station for the anniversary of the space mission. Read more »


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