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Michelle "Binka" Hlubinka

Michelle "Binka" Hlubinka

Michelle, or Binka, is the Director of Custom Programs for Maker Media, overseeing publications, outreach, and programming for kids, families, and schools. Before joining Maker Media in 2007, she worked at the Exploratorium, in Mitchel Resnick’s Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, and as a curriculum designer for various publishers and educational researchers. When she’s not supporting future makers, including her two young sons, Binka does some making of her own, most often as a visual artist.

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Hosts Nick Raymond (2012, top left), Em Mota (2013, top right), Paloma Fautley (Halloween, with Karlee Tucker as Luigi), and YOU (2014)!

Maker Camp is looking for a dynamic host for our daily talk show that connects top makers with campers all over the world to build the best summer ever. We’re looking for you. You’re a maker. You may hack your appliances. You may have Arduinos tucked in your t-shirts. You... Read more »

14-Nice and shiny 2

This morning, Tim Wilczynski graduated from MIT, and I have it on good authority that his dad, Vince Wilczynski, “Dean Vince” of the Yale School of Engineering, handed him a beautiful family heirloom—a wooden beaver lovingly carved by a father for his son. It’s not the same hand-carved wooden beaver Tim’s... Read more »


Maker Faire is happening all around the world and all through the year. For those of us who plan our year around Maker Faire Bay Area, however, we’re two weeks into 52 weeks of Maker Faire withdrawal. For ourselves and all of you, we’ve put together a small poster with 100 ways... Read more »


At Maker Media, we like to re-invent things every once in a while, and so this year we tried a lot of new ways to reach out to teachers and schools ahead of Maker Faire. We launched a new Teacher Team, and you’ll see hundreds of teachers getting involved in... Read more »


One young man placed his LED bling into a small box and proposed on bended knee to a young lady in class. It was touching. Love emerging in the classroom! Students shining with the glow of learning! We have no idea if the “young lady” accepted this proposal, but it does... Read more »


After the Making Possibilities Workshop on Thursday, more than 200 educators descended on the grounds of Maker Faire in the throes of setup to enjoy our annual Educators Meetup. Folks from ShopBot, EEME, Circuit Stickers, Lighthouse Community Charter School, City X Project, Maker Camp, and others were on hand to... Read more »


We know teachers are the quintessential makers, because they are making the makers of the future. And the best teachers we know love to roll up their sleeves and take on do-it-yourself projects with their students. This week running up to Maker Faire, and over the weekend, we and our friends at... Read more »