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Maker Shed

The Maker Shed is brought to you by Maker Media, the makers of MAKE Magazine, the Maker Faire, and much more.

Launched originally as a source for back issues of MAKE Magazine, the Maker Shed expanded rapidly to meet the demand for 'projects in a box,' otherwise known as kits. Now we have a little bit of everything for makers, crafters, and budding scientists, from Arduinos to sock monkeys to chemistry sets .

Latest from Maker Shed


Ready for some high-flying quadcopter action at Maker Faire New York? Parallax will be demoing their ELEV-8 quadcopters live on the Make: Demo Stage (in the Maker Shed) at 4pm both Saturday and Sunday. I’m hoping they bring their first person video setup so you can experience Maker Faire as... Read more »


The MintDuino Game Pack provides a fun and informative way to learn about the world of Arduino compatible microcontrollers. This exclusive Maker Shed kit give you all the necessary parts and instructions to create your very own 2-player reaction game. Read more »


This NFC Shield for Arduino (available in the Maker Shed) is a great way to experiment with NFC. What's NFC you ask? It's an extension of RFID with a purposefully decreased range, making it great for projects where security is a consideration. Read more »


It's hard to find a good, reliable GPS module, which is why haven't carried one. But when when we tested the Adafruit Ultimate GPS, we knew it was worthy enough to be in the Maker Shed! Read more »


Who doesn't love a good trebuchet? This comprehensive Trebuchet Kit (available in the Maker Shed) is 100% hand made in Michigan by people who spend their free time launching pumpkins. Read more »


My computer was stolen out of the trunk of a rental car in Detroit. This is my story about how I was able to locate the computer and help the Detroit Police Department bring down a drug dealer. Read more »


Are you interested in robotics but need a good starter kit to get you on the road to success? The Tiny Wanderer Complete Kit (available in the Maker Shed) might just be the ticket! Read more »