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Sprout by HP 3D PC and scanner

Sprout by HP has a touch-sensitive 'mat' that goes beyond conventional computers and provides an experience so easy even a child can use it. Read more »


The first annual National Maker Faire was a unique, yet comfortingly familiar, event hosted at the University of the District of Columbia in our nation’s capital. Yes, there were the ever-popular 3D printing projects, robots galore, arts, crafts, and lots of science and engineering based displays, but there were also... Read more »


Late Friday night I saw what may be the future of toys, or at least something completely unique at my local Toys'R'Us. Read more »


MAKE has a lot of great activities happening at the Engadget Expand event in NYC. Today we set up our 3D printers, prepped the Raspberry Pi MAKE-Off, and introduced our new Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014. And if that’s not enough, Editor in Chief Mark Frauenfelder, will be... Read more »


As we were setting up our booth at the Engadget Expand event in NYC, Digital Fabrication Editor, Anna Kaziunas France, announced the MAKE 3D Printer Buyer's Guide on the main stage to an audience of sponsors and press Read more »

Building Jimmy

This year at MAKE's Hardware innovation Workshop, Intel’s Futurist Brian David Johnson introduced a 21stCentury robot that is easy to build, completely open source, and filled with humanity. The idea is to enable as many people as possible to design, print and program robots. The robot he brought with him... Read more »


RadioShack is showing off a sample of their new Delta Series mini PC boards at Maker Faire. Read more »