Nick Normal

Nick Normal

I'm an artist & maker. A lifelong biblioholic, and advocate for all-things geekathon. Home is Long Island City, Queens, which I consider the greatest place on Earth. 5-year former Resident of Flux Factory, co-organizer for World Maker Faire (NYC), and blogger all over the net. Howdy!

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Pierre Grande from Cestas, France and his design "The Ark."

Almost two dozen makers from around the world participated in the first-ever Maker Faire Design Challenge, a competition to create a new kind of temporary information kiosk for use at Maker Faire. We're pleased to announce the winner, runner-up, and honorable mention entries. Read more »


An all-in-one motor controller for your next project. Great for robots, stir plates, or even lighting control systems. What ideas do you have in mind? Read more »


You have until 11:59pm PT on Monday, April 14th to participate in the Maker Faire Design Challenge. One maker or team of makers will win a travel expenses-paid trip to the Bay Area next month. Apply now! Read more »


Watch how to modify novelty chattering teeth and turn a servomotor into a regular gearmotor for the Toothy Toothbrush Timer, a two-minute timer for your tooth-brushing routine. Read more »


Design an information kiosk and you could win a trip to Maker Faire Bay Area! Read more »


Believe it or not, this simple-looking prototype board was the original Arduino that has since become "the brains of maker projects" around the world. Read more »

Maker Faire Design Challenge

Design an information kiosk utilizing SketchUp software and ShopBot CNC machines and you could win a trip to the Bay Area Maker Faire! Read more »


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