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Nick Parks

Nick Parks

I'm an engineering intern at Make Magazine and I like to build things!

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Filament is pricey — make your own and save with these extruding bots. Read more »


As one of MAKE’s 3D printing experts I’ve had the opportunity to use just about every printer in MAKE’s Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing. I have yet to see one with as much value as the Printrbot Simple. At $299 this 3D printer is a pretty sweet deal. Read more »

3-D Printers, Make Magazine

Finally, consumer-grade scanners for your desktop! Read more »

Printrbot Plus

Large print volume for less than a grand equals a big value. Read more »


Some 3D printing software is easier to learn than others. Repetier-Host is one of the tougher ones to get familiar with, and can sometimes discourage people from operating their printers. Since I found this software difficult to learn, I’ve written some instructions to help people get started. Read more »


A high-end, well-made, and surprisingly quiet saw. Read more »