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The Open Source Hardware Association was recently announced and a familiar face is leading this monumental effort, Alicia Gibb. You may recall her from the Open Hardware Summit (co-chair) as well as Bug Labs. The following is an interview via email with Alicia, the president of OSHWA. Hi Alicia, thanks... Read more »


On this week's Soapbox, Phil Torrone looks into the counterfeit Ardunio products and what you should look for in a knockoff (and why you should care). Read more »


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Exciting news and another milestone for open-source hardware! Read more »


Black boxes for cars, wireless video streams storing to the "cloud", sensors storing everything. Your insurance policy of the future will include how many gigabytes you're allowed to store. Read more »


NEWS FROM THE FUTURE - Busting Teenage Partying with a Fluksometer Read more »