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Journalist Melissa Jun Rowley is producing a new STEAM documentary series titled “Magic Makers.” I was intrigued to learn more about Melissa and her work, so I conducted this interview with her. Read more »

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Two weeks ago I was intrigued to learn that Nova Labs also serves as an incubator for a small electronics business named Small Batch Assembly, founded by Bob Coggeshall. This business is a perfect fit for a makerspace because it allows electronic hobbyists, researchers, entrepreneurs and others to bring their... Read more »

The Wright Brothers could not have invented the airplane without the involvement of two key women in their family. Read more »


The recently opened Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center, in Baltimore, is propelling young makers forward in exciting ways. Read more »


The solar-powered Elf bicycle vehicle (velomobile) shows the future of zero emission transportation. It's a fun vehicle to bike, too. Read more »

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Pranks and making go together like peanut butter and jelly. A well-conducted prank requires creativity and skill. Read more »


A librarian's plan for boosting the maker movement. Read more »