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Ever wanted to get a bunch of makers together to show off their projects, and broadcast this to the world? You can do this with Google+ and Ustream in a snap, even if you don’t have Google+ Hangouts on Air! To do this, you will need a Google+ and UStream... Read more »

Time to let RoboBrrd soar into the clouds! OK, maybe metaphorically speaking. In this guide you will be able to connect any Arduino-compatible robot with MyRobots and update its sensor data! We will be using an Arduino and Processing to send your robot’s data to MyRobots. The data will be... Read more »

I can’t stand listening to the hum of computer fans all day! Too bad we couldn’t just press a few keys and be teleported into a rainforest… Well, the teleportation part might be tricky, but let’s make something so that at the press of some keys, we can have different... Read more »

RoboBrrd’s Characteristics A RoboBrrd is a robot that experiments with human-robot interaction and is created from a limited selection of materials. Inspired by birds, RoboBrrd has a beak and wings that allow it to produce actions based on sensory inputs. The combination of multiple actions create behaviours for RoboBrrd to... Read more »


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