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Making PC Boards


Making your own printed circuit boards (PCBs) is so easy now. The biggest change is in the resist coating on the boards. Now it is less sensitive to ambient light. You do not need a safelight or a closed room to work with these new boards. You do have to... Read more »

Light Up Your People


Infrared diodes and detectors make things fun and magical. We are used to touching or flipping a switch to turn on lights. A simple transistor circuit with an infrared detector and the lights change with a wave of your finger. My circuit boards are simple and all of the parts... Read more »

Light Up Halloween


You can use infrared diodes to light up your people when you get close to them. When your transmitter activates their detector their lights light up, and their transmitter lights up yours. When someone touches your magic spot (your detector) your spot lights up and their thing lights up. It... Read more »



Kids of all types need an easy way into electronics or they will get confused or bored with it. Putting electronics into simple blocks that the kids can play with may peak their interest in electronics. A MakerMeter is one or more blocks of electronic components built in a way... Read more »



[raw]I was working on my Picaxe 28×2 robot from and I wanted lights and I needed more sensors. I had four input pins left. With the 28×2 you can make the pins anything that you need. I went back to electronics to find some answers. I looked up shift... Read more »

Helping Hands Helped


I just picked up the latest Helping Hands basically because it had a nice big clear magnifier. My old Helping Hands had dull little useless magnifiers. I wanted the magnifier to be on the center knuckle. Here is where experience with tools comes in. I did not want to use... Read more »