Willow Brugh

Willow Brugh

Willow Brugh has been an active participant in the hacker and makerspace community since 2008, giving her purpose towards distributed systems, engaged citizenship, and mutual aid. With heavy involvement in Maker Faire, Random Hacks of Kindness, and the SpaceApps Challenge, Willow’s main skill is “getting out of the way.” She loves seeing how ideals which thrive online, such as transparency and collaboration, manifest in these spaces and events. Willow has also been known to give candy to individuals from more traditional approaches to entice them towards these different models of engagement.

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From the workshop put on by the Mini Maker Faire Seattle team (hey, that includes me!): On March 3rd, we hosted a workshop to help local makers design their booths and get ideas for interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. We will repeat the class in late April or early May.... Read more »


There are so many cool projects out there that use conductive ink, but where to get the ink? Now you can DIY that part, too! Read more »


OMG! Seattle, the city in which my apartment resides, is having its first-ever Mini Maker Faire, and I couldn’t be prouder. We’ve been working for long months in secret, planning with the city’s Science Faire Day, scheming layouts, and dreaming big. I’m so happy this has launched and now I... Read more »


Vienna is old. They even, as my host Fin said, “dug up this area to show that we’ve been around since the Romans. We’ve been around for a long time.” The statues are gorgeous, the streets are clean and well-lit, and the buildings are HUGE. I mean massive, like, excessively... Read more »

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Tiny Victory! Jigsaw 3.1 is complete. Its third location in 2.5 years of existence, each one better than the last. Read more »

This first global SpaceCamp will bring together people from all over the world (okay, mostly North America until our budget is better) for a focused 2-day event. We will all learn from each other's victories and mistakes, design new patterns for our space processes, and walk away from the event... Read more »

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SpaceCamps have been happening at Maker Faire Bay Area, Detroit, and New York. The point of SpaceCamp is to propagate the robustness and awareness of hacker- and makerspaces. Attending spaces are curated into a shared area so that space facilitators get to know each other and Faire attendees are exposed... Read more »