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If you want to get into 3D printing but don’t know where to start, the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic Kit is the way to go. It’s a complete kit, so you need no additional parts, and a large user community can back you up if problems pop up (not to mention Thingiverse,... Read more »

What to do when you want to machine precise custom parts but don’t have room or funds for a professional CNC? Invest in a manual mill that can convert into a CNC. Considered a great tool for the price, the X2 Mini Mill is the kit builder’s top choice, and Probotix... Read more »

Most hobbyists neglect to get the good basic pieces you need to work on everyday machinery like counterfeit printing presses, getaway cars, and the trap doors on elevator ceilings. Instead, they get the $20 all-in-one checkout-line kit featuring tools made from an alloy of sawdust, soda cans, and rat droppings.... Read more »

The Phlatformer is a hobby vacuum- forming machine that quick-melts 10″ square plastic sheets into form-hugging shapes. Originally built for R/C modelers to make identical, lightweight body parts, it has many uses; for example, I plan to form custom holders to display my raygun collection. The kit’s parts and thoughtful... Read more »

This awesome three-axis CNC kit is a must-have for small projects such as circuit boards, engraving, or machining various small parts out of plastic or wood. Everything you need is included, except for a few hand tools, a vise, and a computer with a parallel port for running the software. The... Read more »

Although the V90 is an entry-level machine, it’s decidedly not a toy. The way it functions is complicated — a platform carries the tool holder; a larger gantry moves the tool back and forth; the frame positions the gantry; and it’s all driven by a motor turning the screw interposed... Read more »

Despite all of the well-documented, homebuilt CNCs out there, I couldn’t get the momentum to build one, so I decided to start with a kit. The micRo looks great (in a NASA sort of way), and with a working area of about 12″×10″×4″, it’s big enough to be useful to... Read more »


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