Intel Capital President Says Hardware Is Hot

Intel Capital President Says Hardware Is Hot

Intel Capital President Arvind Sodhani said Monday that he believes the venture-backed tech may be overvalued —but that among current ventures, hardware startups are some of the most accurately priced. “We are going to need a lot of hardware companies if many of the disruptions and innovations that we are... Read more »

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New Hardware Accelerator Bridges Gap from SF to Shenzhen

Former Pot Farm Now a Hardware Prototyping Factory

Highway1, the two year old accelerator from Ireland-based manufacturing solutions company PCH International, has expanded its operations at a new San Francisco California location, upping its startup enrollment cap from 12 to 19. What used to be a marijuana growing operation — yes, really — in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco... Read more »

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This Week in 3D Printing: Food, Fashion, and Carbon3D's Funding

This Week in 3D Printing: Food, Fashion, and Carbon3D’s Funding

$10M to Carbon3D Last week, we featured a University of Buffalo student who printed a 40×40×100mm Eiffel Tower in just over 12 minutes. That same day, VentureBeat reported that Carbon3D — another startup working on speedier 3D printing — received $10M from Autodesk’s 3D printing fund. Carbon3D calls the technology Continuous... Read more »

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