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Collin’s Lab: DIY Contact Mic

It's amazing what a little disk can do … when it's layered with piezoelectric crystals. Piezo disks are impressively sensitive to vibration and can easily be adapted to work as a contact microphones. The trick is the preamp - a basic circuit used to match the piezo's signal to levels... Read more »

Collin’s Lab: Schematics

Schematics are the functional diagram of electronic circuits. With so many designs available on the web, understanding how to read schematics can unlock a world of possibilities for the electronics maker. In fact, if you can read a schematic, you can build a circuit before even understanding how it works! Read more »

Collin’s Lab: Electronics Tools

I've amassed a decent collection of tools since I started working in electronics - some useful & some that seemed useful at the time of acquisition. Not surprisingly, it's the basics that prove indispensable - and the above video gives you my take on what those are exactly. Here's hoping... Read more »