Resources for Young Makers


A friend of mine recently asked my advice. Apparently his 12-year-old nephew is turning out to be quite the geek. As my friend described his nephew's love to take stuff apart and make something new with it, I could tell we had the beginnings of a fine young maker. My... Read more »

Ironman Mark VI Built from Makedo and Cardboard


This full-size Ironman was made by Yihung Kuo. It’s made almost entirely from cardboard and Makedo building fasteners. The idea of making an Ironman came from my 3 kids… I wanted to make them a toy suit for role-play and Halloween, but ended up making a model my own size.  In... Read more »

Travel Bar Built Into a Vintage Suitcase

Carly DeGraeve, AKA Antibromide, has created a gorgeous travel bar inside of a vintage suitcase. It is practical and beautiful. Starting with an old case, moving on to laser cut wood, hand-stitched leather drawer pulls, and tartan fabric lining, Carly built the case to carry the fixings and tools to... Read more »

How-To: Dinosaur Heels


In response to the recent popularity of a pair of Dinosaur heels on the internet, Instructables user Mikeasaurus created this resourceful tutorial for making your own DIY Dinosaur Heels. Read more »