Nook Tablet Android Hack

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  • 12/18/2012 @ 10:55 pm

This guide is for people that wish to have Android on their Nook but don’t want to do any complicated rooting processes. The reason I made this is because I tried to root my Nook tablet with no results at all and it was a waste of time; rooting may... Read more »

Kinect Hacking: Weather Map


Kinect for Xbox 360 is an amazing little device stuffed with magical sensors. Its revolutionary power and affordability ($150 without the Xbox console) has sparked a wave of innovation in human-computer interfaces that engage the whole body. Now all kinds of games and gadgets can recognize your movements and gestures... Read more »

Simple, Cheap, Multi-Channel, Sound-Reactive EL Wire


Most EL wire displays are static, because they use an inverter that simply turns the EL wire on (i.e. constant-on). Sound-reactive inverters are available, but most of these are only “single channel”, so the wires are either all on or all off. To really make your display dynamic you need... Read more »

Air Guitar Hero


By Robert Armiger and Carol Reiley We created Air Guitar Hero as a fun rehabilitation exercise for people with amputations. Here we’ll show you how to make an inexpensive version so anyone can play Guitar Hero without pushing buttons. It uses an electrode cuff, a modified Wii guitar controller, and... Read more »

Capacitor Rebuilding for Fun or Profit

011 bend capacitor leads away from each other

I restore antique radios to make the cash I need to play with my toys. Audiophiles are happy, so is my wallet. Mainly we do this simply because the ‘original’ parts are no longer available, or if they are, the price is exorbitant. Read more »

iHacked the iNecklace


This is a simple way to make the iNecklace light glow any color of the rainbow. In fact, it’s so simple you can change it any time you want in a few minutes. No soldering required! Read more »

Home Control via Web Chat


If you have pets or children that you need to feed or check on via the internet, here’s a cheap and easy way to control motors, lights, and other devices at home from another computer online, like the one at work. You can set this system up in minutes and... Read more »