How-To: Extract and Use Squid Ink

Extracting Squid Ink

On the tail (or rather tentacle) end of Natural Materials month here on Makezine, we couldn’t leave the mighty squid out of the mix. Instructables’ own Christy Canida shared her easy technique for extracting squid ink and using it for printing or cooking in CRAFT Volume 04, and we’ve just... Read more »

How-To: Tell Mammoth Ivory from Elephant Ivory

Cross sections of elephant (left) and mammoth tusks (right) with outer Schreger lines marked, showing characteristic angle difference.

Whatever the larger implications of the mammoth ivory trade may be, it has created a practical forensic problem for law enforcement. Buying mammoth ivory is, generally, legal, while buying elephant ivory, generally, is not. But when you're a customs official staring at a crate full of tusks, how do you... Read more »

How-To: New Paper from Old Paper

Papermaking 101

Though we’re constantly moving toward more electronic and less paper-based communication, we’ve all got paper we don’t need laying around, be it junk mail, newspaper, receipts, magazines, paper bags, books, or whatever else. If we’re lucky, it ends up in the recycling bin. What about giving old paper new life... Read more »