MAKE Flickr Pool Holiday Roundup

It's been two weeks since we last visited the MAKE Flickr pool, and the long break (together with a lot of free time for a lot of clever, creative people with a lot of great new toys) has left it fairly bursting with great shots—even moreso than usual, which is... Read more »

Best of MAKE: Most Popular Posts of 2011

The robo-spiders have returned from their final 2011 traverse of the webway, the cogitators have done their crunching, and independent accounting droids have rubber stamped the numbers. Here are the top ten most popular posts on Makezine for 2011. Read more »

Best of MAKE: Our Year in Crowdfunding

Though it seems good form to use the umbrella term, for us here at MAKE, so far, "crowdfunding" essentially means "Kickstarter," a search for which returns exactly 100 published posts in our archives, dating back to the first Kickstarter we ever mentioned (the MakerBeam project) in October 2009.  Of major... Read more »

Arduino-Controlled CheerLight

CheerLights is a project whereby lights the world over respond to social media like Twitter hash tags, linking the real world to the online world. Pete Prodoehl created his own CheerLight with a ShiftBrite module and Seeduino. Read more »

MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

'Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the land, all the makers were sawing and brazing and shaping by hand...And taking pictures, right? I know all your gift projects are classified TOP SECRET//SI-GAMMA 459-CANOE/TALENT KEYHOLE-LANTERN//NOFORN, but I hope you are remembering, nonetheless, to snap some tasty work-in-progress shots to... Read more »

MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

Our featured image from the MAKE Flickr pool this week is Pete Prodoehl's lovely shot of his MakerGear Prusa Mendel printer frame. It looks like a piece of pricey Danish furniture! It was a hard choice, for me, between that and Rob Hopeless's photograph of the transparent Venus de Milo... Read more »