Reinvent the Wheel with these 3D Printed Bike Parts


Bicycles have been around for well over 100 years, but manufacturing techniques continue to be refined for frames, safety gear, and accessories. 3D printing, especially using metal, is one of the more interesting manufacturing techniques in development. From the ultra high end to a few designs that you can make... Read more »

Check Out this Wacky Square-Framed Fixie Bike

Bicycles are normally made out of round tubing, but there’s really no reason that square tubing couldn’t be used, as seen on this bike made by Aaron Seiter and based on Michale Ubbesen Jakobson’s “BauBike” design. As Seiter puts it, after seeing Jakobson’s bicycle, he “fell in love…The design is so... Read more »

Gadgetize Your Bike with these 3 Projects


Over the years at Make: there have been a ton of bike related builds, maintenance tips, and wacky modifications. It makes sense, as most bikes don’t come with much beyond the essentials to pedal and steer around town. Whether it’s adding a practical accessory such as charging your cell phone,... Read more »

Utilize Carabiners to Make the Most of Your Bike Ride

Carabiners are generally used for climbing, or for securing keys or other everyday objects (never to be swapped!), but could they be used on bikes?, of course, didn’t invent the carabiner, but they were the first to see its potential as a tactical bicycle implement… Or was that that... Read more »