Utilize Carabiners to Make the Most of Your Bike Ride

Carabiners are generally used for climbing, or for securing keys or other everyday objects (never to be swapped!), but could they be used on bikes? BikeHacks.com, of course, didn’t invent the carabiner, but they were the first to see its potential as a tactical bicycle implement… Or was that that... Read more »

The Crazed, Inspired Vehicles of Maker Faire

The Shark Car cruises for human chum at the 2008 MFBA.

There are so many amazing ways in which Makers express themselves in their making. From ingenious electronics to useful crafts to gorgeous works of art, making takes myriad, often hybrid forms. One of the most consistently offbeat and entertaining forms of makery that proudly parades itself around Maker Faire each... Read more »