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MIDI Camera Control

I had the chance to run visuals for a unique DJ act called The Hard Sell, a collaboration of turntablists DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist. The art of spinning and cutting records is usually not visible to dance club audiences. Cut and Shadow wanted to let everyone see, up close... Read more »

Animal Detector

My 4-year-old son comes up with some funny ideas. A few months ago, he asked for a piece of cheese to leave outside for animals. We gave him a slice of cheddar. The next morning he jumped out of bed and hurried to the window. The cheese was gone, but... Read more »

Time-Lapse Movie Setup

We’ve all seen time-lapse movies that seem to speed up the world around us. The effect is very compelling, making processes that normally occur at a rate too slow to perceive unfold before our eyes, such as the blooming of a flower. I’m working on a time-lapse movie that captures... Read more »

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