Babystepping Towards the Holodeck


Sci-fi fans have grown up dreaming of stepping into a virtual world that’s indistinguishable (in sensual terms) from this one. Just load up a program and you’re in different a time, or another world. As technology has advanced, we’ve seen virtual worlds and characters become increasingly realistic, but we’ve only... Read more »

Weekend Projects – Mini Rover Redux

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 1.50.56 PM

Complete instructions for this episode of Weekend Projects can be found at Learn the basics of modding a remote controlled (RC) vehicle for the purpose of making your own terrestrial rover. Mount one wireless camera onto your vehicle's chassis, and see how far you can drive it and see... Read more »

Minecraft Augmented Reality App


Can’t get enough of Minecraft? Wish you could bring your creations with you wherever you go and interact with them in the real world? Now you can with the Minecraft Reality app by Mojang. That’s right–get chunky 8-bit style graphics rendered in hardware accelerated real-time 3D and mapped over your... Read more »

An AR Desktop Behind a Clear LCD

Microsoft Transparent 3D Desktop Display

Stevie Bathiche, director of Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group, introduces this video from GeekWire by explaining that "it looks like we just took an LCD and took the backlight off, but that's actually not true. There's actually been a lot of work that Samsung has done to improve the transmission quality... Read more »

Replica HALO First Aid Kit Actually Is One


Shawn Thorsson’s HALO First Aid Kit is cooler than merely a replica — it actually serves as a first aid kit. So the other day (which was a Wednesday in this case) I was suffering from some time alone with my macabre imagination and decided that I needed my first... Read more »

VR Kitty Brushing System

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Taylor Veltrop created a controller for a NAO humanoid robot using a treadmill, Kinect, Wii remotes, and a head-mounted display… and demonstrated it by brushing his cat remotely. This is the culmination of my last year’s work. I control the robot’s arms through the Kinect and Wii remotes. I control... Read more »