Workshop: Len Cullum in Seattle, Washington


Making Connections By Laura Cochrane Photography by John Keatley Neatly lined up along the walls of Len Cullum’s 1,500-square-foot north Seattle workshop are handmade Japanese chisels, saws, and planes. In a building rumored to have once been a shark oil processing plant, Cullum, 46, creates Japanese-style shoji doors and windows,... Read more »

Adam Savage’s Custom Toolkit

Adam Savage's Toolbox

It's built from two old doctor's bags, armored with aluminum, fitted with rollers, and sports a custom scissor-lift that keeps it open at working height. Best of all, Adam has meticulously listed all 300 items for your perusal. Read more »

EMSL’s CNC Workstation Cart


Our workstation is CNC-cut from half-inch plywood. It is rock-solid sturdy, yet comes apart easily for transport or modifications. It features a main computer bay with an optional door, five spacious drawers that can’t fall out, enough room on top to comfortably fit a laptop (in addition to the main... Read more »